Star Trek Cycling Jerseys
Hello, I would like to welcome you into the dark side of Starfleet, into the side that most people will never see and that most Starfleet officers will never know even exists, Section 31. Section 31, Starfleet's top secret, Black Ops division has moved to strengthen its power even further by absorbing 3 Starships into their ranks, dubbed "X Fleet." These Starships will be equipped with the latest technology available to accomplish their missions and over come anything that may come up in their way. The Flagship of X Fleet, is the USS Wildcat. The USS Wildcat is a highly modified Intrepid class vessel. Section 31 has pulled out all the stops to secure this ship gets the equipment that it needs to carry out any mission. X Fleet, established to secure the future of Starfleet. No doubt their missions will be felt across the galaxy, no matter how many lives they save, the credit will not fall upon them. The ships of X Fleet and their crews, are no more then ghosts in this vast universe of trickery and greed. Welcome to Section 31